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Enterprise data warehousing: Is the death knell sounding?

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Think 2012 was the year of "big data"? Think again: From 2013 onward, big data will be bigger than ever. As technologists continue to mine high-volume data sources and business intelligence analytics, data scientists will remain in high demand over the next several years, as will new ways of thinking about enterprise data warehousing, according to Gartner research

Hadoop and NoSQL will rise to the status of IT superstars, challenging the old-fashioned idea of enterprise data warehousing. Forget about the homogeneous relational database management system model -- Gartner Inc. analyst David Cearley suggests that it will be replaced with heterogeneous fabric. CIOs will need to transform the idea of an enterprise data warehouse driving a big data paradigm. Instead, CIOs should look toward creative sources of data -- Cearley cites social data use as a primary source of riches for smaller organizations.

"The concept of a single enterprise data warehouse containing all information needed for decisions is dead," said Cearley. "Multiple systems -- including content management, data warehouses, data marts and specialized file systems tied together with data services and metadata -- will become the logical enterprise data warehouse."

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