Six ways the CIO job description is changing


The role of a CIO is undergoing a transformation

Source:  Thinkstock/Getty Images

As new technologies emerge, IT strategies evolve and businesses clamor for skills that go beyond traditional technology management, the CIO job description is undergoing a metamorphosis. has written a great deal about the changes in the role of a CIO in relation to consumer experience, IT consumerization, green technology solutions and a number of other areas.

But we wanted to know more about how the CIO job description has evolved. In our annual Role of the CIO survey in 2012, asked senior IT members which skills they have been asked to develop to better fulfill the role of a CIO in the year ahead. Click through the slideshow to see how these 629 CIOs, senior IT executives, IT managers and IT staff members view this transformation in the CIO job description. We've ranked the six new skills they identified from least to most desired. (Note: Percentages do not total 100, as respondents were allowed to select more than one answer.) 

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