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The enterprise startup mentality

CIOs are instilling an enterprise startup mentality in their long-standing IT organization to promote entrepreneurship and creative thought.

Even the most behemoth enterprises were once startups, their fledgling founders filled with hopes and dreams of where their ideas and energies might lead. So why not instill some of that entrepreneurial spirit in the IT department -- already a driver of enterprise innovation in so many ways -- and use that momentum to reenergize the organization as a whole? Create an enterprise startup, if you will?

In the cover story of this month's issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski profiles MetLife, a 145-year-old insurance company whose IT executives took a gamble by infusing their IT department with a robust innovation culture rather than one of "order takers."

"Innovation is really important to us at MetLife, and we’ve found that approaching creativity with a startup mentality produces results," said Gary Hoberman, CIO of regional application development at MetLife. Among the company's successes: "The Wall," a new platform for the call center with a user interface like Facebook's and a backend database that can integrate data from 70 different sources.

Columnist Harvey Koeppel also explores new ways of approaching work in his latest CIO Outlook. Specifically, Koeppel looks at how business process management and business process outsourcing are converging to "indelibly change the nature of work and alter the form and function of enterprises in ways that we are just beginning to contemplate."

And, as you've probably observed, we've got a new look and feel to this, our first CIO Decisions issue of 2014. We've revamped our format and added some new sections, while continuing to bring you the stories of CIOs who get IT and the need to drive business results. Let us know what you think—as the featured players in this issue make clear, innovation encourages progress, and we like to practice what we preach.

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