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Searchlight List of Lists: The best, the worst and what's next in tech

The annual Searchlight List of Lists reveals there wasn't a lot of love for tech in 2013, but technology predictions hold out a lot of hope for 2014.

Where's the love for 2013? Or just some "like"? It seems folks couldn't rip the calendar off the wall (or wait for it to flip on their iPhones) fast enough. You could just hear Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons as the clock struck midnight: Worst. Year. Ever.

Put another way, looking at year-end tech stories for this year's Searchlight Lists of Lists was like stumbling upon a junior high burn book: 2013 was one tech flop after another, HuffPo dissed. No one will even remember 2013, chided Quartz -- the year was literally a waste of time.

There were some missteps to be sure -- smartwatch anyone? But good technology happened too (the self-driving car!), and the Twitter IPO certainly had the stock market whistling a happy tune. Plus, who could forget the (comedic value of the) gold iPhone?

You know maybe we're a little spoiled. Technology is moving so fast and is so amazing (check out The Physics arXiv Blog Best of 2013 items to remove any doubt) that even the wondrous can sometimes seem passé these days. Google Glass may not look "cool," but think about what it does.

  • Good thing Harry McCracken writes for Time, because it must have taken plenty of it to come up with a list of 47 reasons the tech world was lame in 2013. (Not unlike that joke!) But seriously, folks, if it was that bad he surely could've come up with three more.
  • Yes, there were advances in technology in 2013, bunches of them. Here are ten super cool ones. So there!
  • After first getting in a dig at 2013, The Washington Post's Hayley Tsukayama shares some technology predictions for 2014.
  • Provocative." "Alarming." Nope, it's not a Miley Cyrus concert review, it's a piece about the past year's technology trends. No nudie wrecking ball rides here (I don't think).
  • Among the IEEE Computer Society's top technology trends for 2014: extreme data. Not entirely sure what that is, but it sounds like it could involve either snowboards or Vanilla Ice. Fingers crossed!
  • And finally, the most accurate predictions about technology in 2014 just might've been made 50 years ago. Those sci-fi writers, they always know.

Maybe 2013 wasn't the greatest in the history of technology, but building years are just as important. I, for one, can't wait to see what it leads us to experience in 2014. Happy New Year!

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