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Fasten your seatbelts for the new mobility age

Innovations of the new mobility age, including the connected car, mean that CIOs need to reframe their mobile strategy with a customer-focused slant.

The "connected car" might sound like a concept out of "The Jetsons," but a vehicle that knows your driving habits -- not to mention your entertainment proclivities -- is no longer such a far-out idea.

Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski predicts that by 2016, connectivity features will be part of the consumer's buying criteria when choosing a car, and believes that, "by the end of this decade, probably 70% of all new vehicles will be optioned with connected-vehicle technologies."

How can your enterprise properly vroom-vroom-vroom into the new mobility age? In this issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, we look at the ways in which the connected car and related innovations compel CIOs to get serious about refining their organizations' customer-facing mobile experiences.

"The next thing in vehicle connectivity is going to focus around the motorist's everyday life," says Abdul Bazzi, senior manager of application development with General Motors/OnStar. "They're going to be able to connect to the outside world, and you're going to be delivering services to them … and basically taking advantage of all this data that's on the vehicle."

Sticking with that vehicle theme, this issue also features the chief marketing officer (CMO) at Zipcar, a car-sharing operation that is relying on data-driven technology to create new business models and refine the customer experience.

"Like any business, it's very expensive for us to acquire members, so it's far better for me to spend dollars against engagement than it is against acquisition," CMO Brian Harrington explains. "Our success in terms of delivering a superior experience to our members is a direct result of how we can collect and interpret the data. You have to think about that success being driven by IT plus product plus marketing."

We're accustomed to mobile technology we can press to our ear or hold in our hands when we take it on the road. But before long, your mobile technology is going to take you on the road. Can George Jetson's flying car be far behind?

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