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Cloud computing adoption, implementation at core of future data center

Cloud computing adoption will be at the heart of the future data center, but CIO questions about implementation still abound.

Scot PetersenIn late 2012, launched Modern Infrastructure, a new ezine to lead IT pros into the next generation of enterprise computing. In that inaugural issue, Editor-in-Chief Alex Barrett wrote that IT pros are now “evaluating their every move through the filter of cloud computing.”

In partnership with, is issuing a quarterly ezine, Modern Infrastructure, CIO Edition, to help guide CIOs and IT executives through that same transformation. I can speak for all the writers and editors involved in saying that we are excited to be able to join in this project.

Data centers have a unique position in the IT ecosystem. They are the heart of the IT infrastructure, yet ultimately data centers are designed to serve the needs of other systems and, of course, users of data and customers. So as new models of computing evolve (mobility, for instance), so does the data center.

As you will read in this first issue of Modern Infrastructure, CIO Edition, the big question for senior decision makers is not when to embrace cloud computing, but how. The cloud already touches your enterprise somewhere, but the potential to reshape your architecture, cut costs and increase efficiencies are too great to just let the cloud “happen.” The cloud must be managed actively and aggressively.

We are extremely pleased to have as part of our Modern Infrastructure team Harvey Koeppel, former CIO of Citigroup’s Global Consumer Group, who will bring his long record of innovation to bear in his regular column “CIO Outlook.” As he writes in this issue, “Today’s technologies are inextricably intertwined with business strategies, far from the machine room or the data center.” And indeed, that is how CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation: As a business issue first, a technology problem second.

Also in this issue, we are happy to feature analysis by Mark Tonsetic, practice manager for the research firm Corporate Executive Board, a content partner with Here, he asks two key questions: How much data center capacity will we really need over the long-term? And will the corporate data center be an asset or a liability in the future?

We will not be able to answer all of these questions in one issue. This project is a journey of transformation, and as a result, we are not sure exactly what will come out on the other side. But it will be exciting as we go along.

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