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Analyst: This could have happened anywhere

An analyst with Aberdeen Group says what happened to Everdream in Costa Rica could have happened anywhere -- even in the U.S.

Everdream CEO and president Gary Griffiths has nothing but praise for the operation in Costa Rica, despite the fact that it wasn't a good fit for his company. Chris Selland, vice president of side sell research at Boston-based Aberdeen Group Inc., said that the assembly line attitude at that particular call center isn't unique to Costa Rica or any other particular country.

"The problem was how the contact center was managed, not where it was located," he said. "There are plenty of 'assembly line' call centers right here in the U.S. and plenty of quality-centric centers outside the country."

What are unique to a given country are language, infrastructure and the labor pool. "English-speaking countries with well-evolved infrastructure and deep labor pools [like] India, the Philippines, Canada and Ireland offer highly competitive services from both a quality and cost perspective," Selland said.

"For most companies, the right mixture is a blend of outsourced and insourced, offshore and onshore. Its all about due diligence and making sure you are dealing with a reputable and appropriate partner," which Griffiths insists he did.

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