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In germ warfare, PCs beat toilets hands down

If you want a nice, clean working environment, leave the computer and head to the restroom -- it's an operating room compared to your workstation.

File this story under "Eww!!"

And quick, go get some hand sanitizer from that neatnik in the next cubicle -- he's onto something.

According to, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona put computer workstations under the microscope. What he found was a bacterial bash that would make Kid Rock want to close his tab and call it a night.

The man with the microscope found that the average computer workstation not only has more germs than the average toilet seat, it has a lot more germs than the average toilet seat -- about 400 times more. No "buts" about it. Makes you want to douse your desk in Clorox, doesn't it?

It all makes sense if you think about it. Toilets don't get the, ahem, "traffic" that a work area does. The researcher said that desktops often double as food areas and are not cleaned regularly, ergo the microscopic Mardi Gras. Still, even if the stall is sterile compared to the desk, do you really want to eat your Lean Cuisine in there?

PC prisoners take heart -- the computer isn't the most squalid spot in the cubicle. The most germs are on the phone, according to the study, followed by the desk surface, keyboard and mouse.

So next time you take a bathroom break, tell your co-workers you're escaping to a sanitary place. And maybe ask the cleaning crew to mix things up a little bit and use Lysol in the office and the duster in the restroom.

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