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Are PCs killing the video star?

Will the radio star be avenged with the rise of the PC star? If Apple's sale of downloadable ditties is any indication, the answer is a definite "perhaps."

Could you have imagined 25 years ago, as you gazed proudly upon your collection of eight-track tapes and vinyl...

45s, that the PC would be a cheap and easy way to tap into your favorite tunes?

You probably would have scoffed: "How on earth could my Commodore do such a thing?" Back then, probably the only people who imagined the PC's place in pop music were the geeky guys in Devo. But in 2004, Apple Computer Inc. is cranking out the hits faster than you can say "Crack that whip!"

The company announced Monday that 50 million digital ditties have been downloaded from its iTunes Music Store since it went online 11 months ago. Apple's goal was to sell 100 million songs in the first 12 months.

You could say "Whoa, Apple's halfway there," but they're not gonna make it, I swear.

It's doubtful they'll reach that goal in the few weeks left, barring the advent of a new Elvis, a fresh British Invasion or a reunion of Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Still, company officials said that people are buying about 2.5 million songs every week at 99 cents a pop (song). Not too shabby. Could this mean that PCs will avenge the radio star and kill the video star? Given the state of music videos today, would you miss him?

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