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New shirt fits outsourced workers to a 'T'

It's a political statement. It's a social statement. It's a fashion statement. The first shirt in "The Offshore Outsourcing Collection" is a perfect fit for teed off IT workers who wear their feelings on their chests.

Offshore outsourcing may have IT pros in the U.S. and Europe atwitter with a cognitive cocktail of fear, uncertainty and anger. And rightly so, given analysts' predictions that more IT jobs are headed to opposite sides of the earth this year.

It's a touchy subject to say the least and doesn't leave much room for laughter in the teed-off IT department. But U.K. tech site The Register has come up with something that may help even the bitterest, gloomiest geek smile -- a T-shirt that says "My job went to India, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." It's the perfect choice for someone wondering what on earth to wear to the unemployment office.

Yes, offshore outsourcing has now reached that rarified level "lousy T-shirt" level. Of course it's not as carefree as those "My parents went to Vegas..." tees, but at least some humor has now entered the offshoring mix.

Hey, if you can't beat 'em, grab a fork (or in this case a shirt) and poke fun of 'em. Nothing breaks the tension like a little laughter.

Unfortunately, the tee costs $27, and you'd probably need to be making Bill Gates money to afford the trans-Atlantic shipping. And The Register isn't saying where the tee is made. For all we know, this sartorial stab at offshoring could itself be a product of offshoring. Oh the irony.

How long before we see "Outsourced Worker On Board" signs?


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