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Top 10: Most popular videos featuring IT advice in 2016

SearchCIO rounds up its most popular videos featuring consultants and IT experts. Topics range from the changing role of the CIO to the cognitive enterprise.

CIOs aren't backing away from cutting-edge technology. Consider the top 10 most popular SearchCIO videos on IT advice in 2016. Topics include the cognitive enterprise, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Here are the top 10 most popular videos featuring IT advice from consultants, headhunters and IT experts in 2016.

10. Platform business models continue to make headlines

Platform companies, businesses that use the internet and mobile apps to connect producers and consumers, continued to shine -- and grow -- in 2016. Uber started a self-driving car pilot program in Pittsburgh, and, recently, Airbnb announced it was building a service to book air travel. But for those still learning about the platform business model, this video will quickly provide a foundation. Sangeet Paul Choudary, founder of the think tank Platformation Labs, explains it in less than two minutes.

9. The changing role of the CIO

At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Craig Stephenson, managing director at Los Angeles-based executive search firm Korn Ferry, described how the CIO job description has changed in the last five years. From his perspective, CIOs are seeing bigger budgets and gaining more clout thanks to digital business. In this short video, Stephenson explains what he's seen as a CIO recruiter.    

8. AR/VR in the enterprise

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are making inroads into the enterprise, and for good reason. The technologies enable more efficient ways of building models and remove the barrier of distance for better collaboration. Kelly Manthey, chief strategy officer at the consultancy Solstice Mobile, makes the case in this video why CIOs should consider adding AR and VR technologies to their roadmaps.

7. Robots in the workplace

It's no surprise that artificial intelligence made the list -- multiple times. The topic has commanded CIO attention this year. Alec Ross, former innovation advisor to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as U.S. Secretary of State and author of the book The Industries of the Future, explains how cognitive robotic process automation will disrupt white collar jobs and the cost of labor in this CIO Minute video.

6. AI on customer service

Customer service has become a business differentiator, and customers have become impatient. In this video, Rick Davidson, president and CEO at the consultancy Cimphoni, advises CIOs to investigate and even invest in artificial intelligence if they want to make good customer service great.

5. Wanted: A flexible work environment

Redesigning the workplace to reflect the speed at which businesses work today will increase collaboration and creativity. In this video interview, Allison Mnookin, CEO at QuickBase Inc., describes why the CIO plays an important part in getting there.

4. From digital business to the 'cognitive enterprise'

CIOs may be in the midst of digital transformations, but Cimphoni's Davidson, his second appearance on this list, offers some IT advice: Don't slow down. The next iteration on the digital enterprise will be what Davidson calls the cognitive enterprise. The cognitive enterprise will rely on technology that can learn and adapt to new situations without being programmed to more efficiently and effectively serve its customers. In this three-minute video, Davidson defines the cognitive enterprise across five vectors.

3. Avoid the pitfalls of a bimodal IT strategy

A popular term in 2016 was bimodal IT, a concept that distinguishes between tasks that require stability and tasks better suited for Agile methods. Gartner has touted the strategy as a way for IT to break out of the waterfall methodology and begin matching the speed of business. Getting there isn't easy; Derek Roos, CEO at Mendix, describes how CIOs can avoid the common pitfalls of the bimodal approach in this video interview.

2. Boards want tech expertise: What CIOs need to know

Technology is becoming a strategic component for every business, making every business a technology business. In this video interview, Korn Ferry's Stephenson, his second appearance on this list, discusses how CIOs can use their technology expertise to advance their careers as an advisor to boards of directors and, possibly, even into the role of CEO.  

1. How to achieve enterprise digitization

Christopher Paquette, a partner at McKinsey & Company, explains why company culture and executive leadership are vital to scale digitization across the enterprise.

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