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IT conferences 2016: The year in photos

In this IT conferences 2016 Instagram roundup, take a look back at some of the best moments from our recent travels.

It's been a busy year for SearchCIO. From California to Texas to Wisconsin and New York, our team of writers and editors has traversed the country reporting on this year's most notable IT conferences. 2016, as we discovered during our time on the road, wasn't necessarily about one technology or trend; it was about adapting to a rapidly changing digital environment.

That environment, epitomized by the continued emergence of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT, blockchain, platforms and the like, is not only changing the CIO role, but also transforming IT strategy in ways we couldn't have predicted.

That's why SearchCIO continues to hit the road, seeking out the best discussions and IT knowledge directly from the pros.

To document our time at these events, our team turned to Instagram. This IT conferences 2016 roundup provides a sampling of the best and most interesting photos from our travels this year.

Tips on innovation from a pro

Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, March 2016

At Gartner's BI and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX, Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple and chief evangelist at Canva, lectured attendees about fostering the art of innovation. Innovation starts with creating meaning and developing a mantra -- "two or three words that can define what your innovation does, what your product does, what your service does so that everybody, especially internally, understands why it exists," according to Kawasaki.

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The steps to workplace transformation

Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium, March 2016

At the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium in Wisconsin, Mike McKiernan, vice president of business technology at Citrix Systems Inc., provided a five-step framework for workplace transformation:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Design/build collaborative workplace
  3. Enable/deliver technology
  4. Change mindset and capability
  5. Deliver human and business outcomes

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More from Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski's coverage of this event:

  • Preparing for the cognitive enterprise
  • AI investments needed to meet customer demands

Chatting about change

Chief Digital Officer Summit, April 2016

At the Chief Digital Officer Summit in New York City, Phil Bienert, CMO and executive vice president of digital commerce at GoDaddy, said one of the biggest mistakes he made when trying to drive change was moving too fast because systemic change takes time. The pace of change was a major theme at the event, with digital leaders from CBS, IBM and SAP offering tips to attendees on how to overcome resistance to change.

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A roadmap to the digital economy

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, May 2016

An IT conferences 2016 list wouldn't be complete without the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, a cornerstone event for SearchCIO. Our entire staff was on hand at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Mass., to get the latest on CIO leadership advice, IT strategies and emerging technologies. This year's symposium was all about thriving in a digital economy and the rise of the digital CIO.

In this photo, attendees gather at the Kresge Auditorium to hear about the implications of the gig economy.

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In a candid moment from the symposium, David Neitz, CIO at CDM Smith and MIT's Leadership Award Finalist, lets SearchCIO's Laskowski try out a pair of Microsoft HoloLens. Neitz then spoke with Laskowski about driving business value with augmented reality.

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Get our full coverage from the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in this essential guide.

Weighing the risks with Colin Powell

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, June 2016

Retired U.S. Army General Colin Powell delivered the keynote speech at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in Maryland. His focus was on evaluating risk.

"No tolerance and zero defects do not belong with human beings because human beings make mistakes," Powell said. Instead, he advised decisions should be made based on how much risk is acceptable, with input from all those with assets at risk.

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More from this conference: How to transform risk management strategies for the digital enterprise.

Talking platforms with Sam Palmisano

MIT Platform Strategy Summit, July 2016

Sam Palmisano, former CEO at IBM and Chairman at the Center for Global Enterprise, took the stage at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit to give his expert take on the platform enterprise. In an interview with SearchCIO, he expanded on his definition of a platform enterprise, discussed its benefits and challenges to CIO role and offered his keys to success in a platform enterprise.

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More from the conference:

  • Who needs to be involved in getting a platform business off the ground
  • Why C-suite collaboration is key to a digital business model's success

Privacy and security from a data scientist's perspective

FutureM conference, September 2016

Déborah Berebichez, chief data scientist at Metis, discussed the importance of privacy and security in today's data-driven world at Boston's FutureM event. "IT, product development and marketing are blending into one ... it is important that organizations reimagine their products so that security is embedded in them," Berebichez said.

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More from the conference: MIT tracked political discourse using a data analytics.

The business side of IoT

SIM Boston Technology Summit, September 2016

It was all about the intersection of IT and business at the recent SIM Boston Technology Summit in Newton, Mass. During the lunch keynote, Bhavani Amirthalingam, VP of IT and business transformation at Schneider Electric, told CIOs to "think big, start small and then scale" when working through IoT initiatives. She also talked about how IoT is driving new business models and emphasized the importance of always keeping your eye on the bottom line.

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Nadella's words of wisdom

Gartner Symposium, October 2016

"The next ten years have to be about profound creation," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the recent Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Although he couldn't be there in person, he joined us via video conference call to discuss AI and Microsoft's plans, and to offer IT advice to the thousands of attendees. His number one piece of advice: Be bold and be right.

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A fireside chat with GE's CFO

MIT CFO Summit, November 2016

At the recent MIT CFO Summit, Hal Gregersen, executive director at the MIT Leadership Center, and Jeff Bornstein, SVP and CFO at General Electric Company, sat down to discuss the importance of getting out of the office and embracing change -- both technological and cultural.

"My challenge is how I get mid-career and late-career people to walk across the bridge and understand enough about technology and where technology is going, so that they can ask the right questions -- or maybe more importantly, they're not getting in the way of the people who do understand ... that they're not a barrier," Bornstein said.

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More from the conference: GE CFO talks edge computing and the industrial internet.

A Tinder talk

Chief Technology Officer Summit, November/December 2016

Ryan Ogle (left in the photo), CTO at Tinder, sat down at the intimate CTO Summit in San Francisco to discuss scaling with people and product at the center. Ogle says it's critical to maintain the core culture when scaling your company. At Tinder, he made sure to continue a collaborative, innovation-led environment even after they underwent massive growth. One of the challenges that come with scaling is giving his team enough freedom to innovate while also keeping them -- and the bottom line -- on track.

Another tidbit from Ogle: He supports physical workspaces and thinks they are more conducive to innovation. He says you can lose context when working remotely.

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More from the conference: What we can learn from Gatorade's digital platform.

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