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#CIOChat: MIT CISR's business models for the digital economy

How is digital disruption affecting traditional business models? Join #CIOChat and MIT CISR's Stephanie Woerner on Wednesday, April 27, at 3 p.m. EST to discuss adapting to the digital economy.

Digitization is breaking down industry barriers and creating a plethora of new opportunities, but it's also destabilizing traditional business models. It's time for companies to reevaluate their positions in the digital economy and start creating new business options for the future.

Based on recent research, the MIT Center for Institutional Research (CISR) has identified two important dimensions for enterprises to consider: 1) whether they want to control the value chain or be part of a more complex ecosystem and 2) how much to invest in knowing their end customers. The combination of moving from value chains to ecosystems and increasing knowledge of consumers provides business leaders with four distinct business models to thrive in the digital economy, according to CISR researchers. The four models they can choose to operate as are (1) a supplier, (2) an omnichannel business, (3) an ecosystem driver or (4) a modular producer.

Do your thoughts on the digital economy align with those presented by MIT CISR? Do you think these four models will prove successful?

Join SearchCIO Wednesday, April 27 at 3 p.m. EST to talk about MIT CISR's four models. Discussion will also include what it takes to be an ecosystem driver, the state of value chains and challenges that IT executives face in today's digital economy.

Joining SearchCIO editors and followers as our guest expert will be Stephanie Woerner (@SL_Woerner), research scientist at MIT's CISR.


Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016
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