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IT pros reveal their 2015 regrets and resolutions for 2016

When reflecting on 2015, IT professionals are bound to have some regrets. In this #CIOChat recap, participants share their biggest 2015 regrets and resolutions for 2016.

When looking back on 2015, was there anything that you wish you had done differently? Were there any missed opportunities? Chances are the answer is "yes," but you're not alone. CIOs and IT professionals have the tough job of making sure technologies, teams and businesses run as smoothly as possible, which involves a lot of uncertainties and can result in a few less-than-stellar outcomes. But as the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes.

In SearchCIO's end-of-year #CIOChat on Twitter, participants divulged some of their biggest IT regrets from 2015, but they didn't stop there; they were also happy to share some of their top IT resolutions for 2016. Their goals for this year include everything from increased innovation and better C-suite collaboration to "thinking like a startup."

How do your IT regrets and resolutions compare? Scroll through the below tweets to get a glimpse of how IT pros responded to our questions.

Nobody's perfect -- CIOs and IT pros are bound to have a few regrets from 2015. Whether it's security, innovation or collaboration, our followers weren't shy about dishing on missed opportunities from last year.

Jerry Luftman, guest expert and former CIO and managing director of the Global Institute of IT Management, responded with emphasis on the importance of collaboration between the C-suite and non-IT factions of the business.

A new year means a new set of IT goals. Here is what our followers resolve to do in 2016:

Dunn vowed to take inspiration from startups in 2016 -- something that may be easier said than done, according to senior news writer Nicole Laskowski.

Huberman gets cheeky with his response.

Ron Hovsepian, president, CEO and director at Intralinks, thinks more companies will hire privacy officers to deal with increasing data privacy concerns.

For others, like Luftman and Todd Partridge, director of product marketing at Intralinks, aligning IT with the business is a top priority for 2016.

Adam Howatson, chief marketing officer at OpenText, wants to collaborate with his CIO to build a long-term business strategy -- something he thinks is critical to bettering the digital customer experience:

Executive editor Linda Tucci asked Shawn Banerji, guest expert and managing director at Russell Reynolds Associates, about the company checklist for 2016 CIO candidates.

Complying with new regulations is on Intralinks Director of Product Marketing Pete Brown's mind for 2016, and that will require vigilance from all parts of the business:

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What 2015 regrets and resolutions for 2016 do you have?
Good to see people recognizing the importance of engaging IT directly as a business partner.
Yes, mcorum, that's good to see! As we've covered here on SearchCIO, closing the IT-business gap is key to success in a digital economy (https://bit.ly/1ciFrJU)