CIOs talk 2016 IT resolutions

From new technology projects to leadership strategies, eight IT leaders tell us what they're resolved to do in 2016.

With the New Year upon us, we asked CIOs and IT leaders about their plans for 2016. We reached out on Twitter, by email and through LinkedIn, casting a wide net. The prognosis? If their IT resolutions are an indication of next year's IT agenda, this much is true: A CIO's job is never done.

In addition to managing and supporting their teams, CIOs are resolved to delve into new technology implementations, bolster security, focus on business needs first, and tend to their own personal growth. From a small import/export business in Canada to a law office in Milwaukee come eight IT resolutions for 2016. The resolutions have been edited for clarity.

Focus on business needs

Nigel FortlageNigel Fortlage

"For 2016, I'd like to keep all the good resolutions from previous years that are working, but given the state of the Canadian economy and the high U.S. dollar, in 2016 it's about asking if what we are engaging in still has value in this business climate. What we are doing must matter and be impactful to the areas of the business we are focusing on." -- Nigel Fortlage, vice president of information technology and social business at GHY International, a customs broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba

David ChouDavid Chou

"My CIO resolution for 2016 will be helping the organization transform toward a digital organization, and changing the traditional IT mindset to be more business focused." -- David Chou, former healthcare CIO who is now a global healthcare IT advisor at dchougroup


Celebrate the team

Neil PearceNeil Pearce

"To dispel fear, boost learning and creativity, to enable my teams to produce their best work yet and have fun doing it." -- Neil Pearce, CTO at Travis Perkins, a building materials and home improvement retailer in Northampton, England

Andy BlumenthalAndy Blumenthal

"Thank my team for their incredible work every single day!" -- Andy Blumenthal, CIO of global information services at the U.S. Department of State


The year of InfoSec

"2016 will still be the year of information security. In 2016, more CIOs will agree that information security is not a money/budget problem, but a people and process problem. More scanners, sensors and threat analysis tools will be deployed in the enterprise. But in the end, smarter users, smarter operating systems and smarter software will help tame the threats.

William CaraherWilliam Caraher

"ISO certification looks great on paper and is still a worthy pursuit but it is just the starting point, not the finish line. The saying, 'The best offense is a strong defense' is retired from InfoSec thinking, and savvy companies find ways to push back on attackers without causing liability for offensive 'hack backs.'" -- William Caraher, CIO at von Briesen & Roper, a law firm based in Milwaukee

Continuous IT learning

Greg MeyersGreg Meyers

"One: Say no to meetings where I won't add or take away value; two: Take an AWS certification course; three: Celebrate quick wins more." -- Greg Meyers, CIO, Motorola Solutions, a telecommunications equipment provider in Schaumburg, Ill.

Phil StaskoPhil Stasko

"Total adoption of cloud technologies and mobilization of workforce; continue in a leadership role within the IT community; and never let work get in the way of life." -- Phil Stasko, IT director at Apex Companies LLC, an environmental engineering services company in Rockville, Md.


Rick FortneyRick Fortney


"Always be a positive influence in whatever you do! Stay focused, flexible, and don't take things personally." -- Rick Fortney, CIO of Laramie County in Wyo.

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