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2015 salary survey for IT: Executives infographic

Almost 50% of senior IT pros say the mood in their organization is optimistic. Also, in the 2015 salary survey infographic, an overview of the year's budget, project and salary trends.

TechTarget's 2015 Annual IT Salary and Careers Survey asked IT professionals to get personal and share their salary,...

total compensation, job satisfaction and career aspirations. When it comes to senior IT professionals -- CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, EVPs and directors of IT/MIS/IS -- over 50% received a raise and more than 60% saw a gain in total compensation this past year.

The results in the 2015 salary survey for IT  also show that senior executives had a higher level of job satisfaction -- by nine percentage points -- than last year (29% reported being satisfied with their jobs this year compared with 20% last year) perhaps correlating to other factors we measured in the survey, including pay levels, departmental optimism, budgets and opportunities for innovation.

The survey also gauged top projects and ways success is measured, industries associated with the highest earners and lowest earners, average IT organization headcounts, and whether or not companies are looking to hire.

Below, check to see how your salary stacks up against that of your IT peers. And learn how 2015 salary survey respondents view the technology landscape heading into the new year, to help your organization prepare for the year ahead.

2015 TechTarget IT Salary and Careers Survey

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Read all about TechTarget's 2015 Annual IT Salary and Careers Survey and compare this year's graphic with last year's salary survey infographic.

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2015 salary survey respondents seem positive. What factors contribute to a positive, optimistic mood at your organization?