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What are your top enterprise tech predictions for 2015?

#CIOChat participants offer a gamut of enterprise tech predictions for 2015, including the evolution of big data analytics and a boom in mobile payment apps.

Organizations will look at big data and data analytics a whole lot differently in 2015 thanks to a skyrocketing number of data sources, particularly as the Internet of Things (IoT) gains a stronger foothold and mobile and cloud technologies continue their ascent, according to the participants of SearchCIO's latest #CIOChat.

From an increasing number of Hadoop use cases to rapid mobile app development to the economics of cloud storage, read our Twitter followers' top tech predictions and the biggest changes they foresee in the enterprise.  

What enterprise technologies will gain popularity in 2015?

Participants Will Lassalle and Walker White staked their enterprise tech predictions on big data and business intelligence tools, with White pointing to the growing prominence of data wrangling (also known as data blending):

More specifically, as the International Institute for Analytics predicted, organizations will make the distinction between big data and big data analytics in 2015, shifting their focus to the latter. Among the possible effects of this shift: Businesses will look to more-unfamiliar data sources for insight, Hadoop will start to go mainstream, and digital storytelling will play a more central role.

SearchCIO Senior Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux waxed optimistic about the promises of mobile payment apps like Apple Pay. Her forecast isn't farfetched, considering one report found that only a month after its October launch, Apple's mobile wallet was already responsible for 1% of digital payments in the U.S. -- no small feat, considering it's only available to users with the latest hardware and is supported by only a few merchants:

Participant Stuart Appley's reference is to CVS and some other U.S. pharmacies refusing to accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other forms of near-field communication (NFC) payments. Some of the nation's largest retailers are backing the development of an alternative mobile payments app, CurrentC, which uses quick-response (QR) codes instead. Samsung is also looking to take on mobile wallets: It's in talks to partner with payments startup LoopPay for its own version, which would mimic a card swipe rather than requiring businesses to install NFC.

SearchCompliance Site Editor Ben Cole predicted the continued popularity of cloud storage, particularly as more organizations realize the growing costs of maintaining their own data centers. Worries over the security of storing data in the cloud still persist, however:

Want to make sure the cloud storage provider you choose takes security seriously? Make sure it supports encryption for data in flight and at rest, advises Stephen Bigelow, SearchCloudComputing's senior technology editor.

White and fellow Yale CIO Len Peters also pointed to the likelihood of more mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in 2015 as enterprise tech strategies evolve, in order to boost core competencies and product offerings in fields such as enterprise mobility and cybersecurity:

SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci asked tweeters whether there was something to analysts' predictions about the growing popularity of using low-code and no-code programming tools for the rapid prototyping of mobile apps. Dan Bricklin responded that a company-wide move to Agile delivery methodologies requires input from business units:

Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski addressed the expanding presence of smart machines, which use machine learning to do work:

What are your enterprise tech predictions for 2015? Let us know in the comments section.

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