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Top 10 2014 technology pieces from SearchCIO

SearchCIO's top 10 2014 technology pieces covered everything from big data analytics to IT salaries to security vulnerabilities.

2014 was a year where big data got even bigger, IT salaries ticked upward, cloud and mobility stayed hot and security vulnerabilities seemingly lurked at the edge of every enterprise firewall. At SearchCIO, we covered these important technology topics from a variety of angles, including in our weekly Data Mil and Searchlight columns, via slideshows and infographics, and as features in our monthly CIO Decisions e-zine. Here are 10 of our most popular pieces of the year for your perusing pleasure.

Ten case studies featuring big data in action

This Data Mill column on how big companies -- including Macy's, Tesco, American Express and Wal-Mart -- are taking advantage of big data was published late last year and became a big hit in 2014. Other weekly Data Mill columns that struck gold: Entries on Hadoop 2.0, machine learning, Analytics 3.0 and the relationship between chief digital officers and chief data officers.

Infographic: Salary expectations, projects and the mood in IT

TechTarget's annual IT Salary and Careers Survey is always an eyeball-getter; as such, we went visual for last year's version with this infographic. Go here to read the stories associated with the 2013 guide, including our piece on CIO earning potential. We also recently completed an infographic based on the 2014 salary survey.

2014 IT Salary Survey: How does your salary stack up?

And speaking of TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey, here's SearchCIO's overview story, laying out all the facts and figures, including who's making more money, who's making less, and what the general mood in IT organizations is heading into 2015. You can also read about IT compensation trending up and whether high-earning IT executives are happy in their jobs.

Slideshow: CIOs reveal their biggest IT challenges

At the 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., SearchCIO editors asked a series of CIO attendees to share their biggest IT problems and how they're striving to overcome them. In this slideshow, CIOs touch on a number pain points, including the velocity of change in IT to balancing strategic priorities with regulatory demands to identifying and hiring IT talent.

CIO Decisions e-zine: The mobile customer experience

SearchCIO's monthly CIO Decisions e-zine examined a range of enterprise IT issues this year. This issue, which looked at new forms of mobility such as the connected car, was especially popular. Other issues focused on artificial intelligence in the enterprise, the rise of infonomics, prescriptive analytics and rogue technology.

Feature: The battle for business intelligence supremacy

A war is brewing in the big data and analytics market, and as the landscape changes, traditional business intelligence (BI) vendors are pivoting in order to keep pace with newer, more nimble cohorts. This piece looks at three tipping points that may eventually push BI and analytics out of silos and across the enterprise. More data analytics coverage this year included seven data science lessons from McGraw-Hill Education and BI experts from the Fortune 500 predicting the future of analytics.

CIO Searchlight: XSS vulnerability a lesson for CIOs

SearchCIO's weekly Searchlight column takes a look at the week in IT and, this year, security was a frequent theme. An unintentional TweetDeck hack exposed an overlooked cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. The bug was quickly snuffed out, but it was a reminder to CIOs that IT can't run on autopilot. Other security-themed Searchlights covered Heartbleed, the Bash Shell bug and the Sony hack.

CIO Voices: CIOs react to the HP split

When HP announced its decision to split its business into two, forming Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to focus on hardware, software and services for its corporate customers, and HP Inc. for its PC and printer business, SearchCIO polled CIOs, who expressed some logistical concerns but seemed willing to give HP the benefit of the doubt. Additional CIO Voices pieces looked at how CIOs quantify the value of IT and their reactions to the Facebook at Work announcement.

Essential Guide: Enterprise risk management strategy for CIOs

Each month, SearchCIO rolls up our best pieces into a topical Essential Guide, and our guide on enterprise risk management strategy was our most-visited of the year. Other Essential Guides from the year include entries on mobile application development, big data analytics and cloud computing.

Slideshow: Enterprise spending trends in 2014

What were your IT priorities in 2014? TechTarget's annual IT Priorities Survey, which drew responses from 5,241 IT professionals around the world, illuminated technology investments in mobile security, virtualization and disaster recovery, among others. Click through the slideshow to learn more about how enterprises spent their hard-earned dollars in 2014, and check out some predictions for 2015.

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