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What were your biggest information technology regrets of 2014?

No IT strategy is perfect. In this #CIOChat recap, participants look back on 2014 and reveal their biggest information technology regrets of the year.

When reflecting on 2014, is there anything you wish you had done differently as a CIO? Nobody's perfect; most likely, the answer is a resounding "yes." IT executives aren't immune to experiencing a few information technology regrets, ranging from not focusing enough attention on customer engagement or user experience to not moving certain services to the cloud sooner to not sufficiently beefing up security, even as data breaches mounted.

Every IT strategy is bound to have its fair share of hiccups. In SearchCIO's end-of-year #CIOChat on Twitter, participants divulged some of their biggest information technology regrets from 2014.

With an increasing number of cyberthreats making news -- most recently and prominently, the devastating the Sony breach -- it's not surprising that security, or a lack thereof, was a common regret among participants, many of whom think IT leaders are second-guessing their approaches to cybersecurity.

Also on the regrets list: a later-than-desired transition of IT service management (ITSM) to the cloud. The cloud was also mentioned as a factor for enterprises looking to shift risk:

Hadoop, the programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a cheap and scalable manner, is currently at the center of the big data craze and is expected to continue its upward surge in 2015. SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci inquired whether #CIOChat-ters had any regrets related to the now-hot framework:

One participant's regret revolved around benefits realization management, a method of managing how time and resources are invested:

How did these regrets compare to last year's? During SearchCIO's 2013 year-end #CIOChat, some participants also expressed remorse at not having moved data to the cloud; others regretted overlooking user needs; and one even wished they had changed their title from CIO to CDO to better reflect their role.

What were your biggest information technology regrets in 2014? Sound off in the comments section below.

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What was your biggest information technology regret of 2014?
Not getting back into Linux earlier, as all of the new/interesting technologies are being driven by open-source and variations of Linux. A big focus for 2015. 
Agree with Brian that its not getting back into Linux earlier.. All new technological interests are being driven to Open Sourcing and some great variations in Linux. So, lets wait and watch in 2015, whats going to happen.