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Get creative with your digital engagement strategy

How do you make your digital engagement strategy stand out? In this #CIOChat recap, participants praise innovative customer engagement approaches and look ahead to the future of multichannel.

Is your organization's voice getting lost in the channels? With customers spread across so many communication outlets, discerning how and where to reach them is one of the biggest challenges of a digital engagement strategy. Communicating across multiple channels is increasingly important not only to retail companies, but to all sorts of organizations -- and you can't accomplish it by leaving innovation at the door. 

Here, participants in SearchCIO's #CIOChat discuss the hallmarks of a progressive, creative digital engagement strategy and forecast multichannel's future.

What creative multichannel customer engagements have you observed at your organization or others?

In an increasingly fast-paced and cluttered digital world, mastering multiple channels means getting creative. Participants provided examples of inventive digital strategies that have broken through the noise and effectively engaged customers:

One participant described the clever and creatively sly tactics -- geofencing included -- his company uses across channels to engage customers signed up for his company's loyalty program:

Participants pointed to the role of social media and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the evolution of digital engagement strategies -- which, given their capacity to collect and transmit data, can take on a decidedly creepy tone:

What does the future of multichannel customer engagement look like? How can you prepare your organization?

Creepy or not, the omniscient nature of multichannel might be here to stay -- but that's good news for CIOs like Jay Ferro, who recently told SearchCIO that he wants to know everything about his constituents in order to "hit everybody where they are" with his digital engagement strategy. That will get easier with new and prospective technologies, such as geofencing, IoT sensors, wearables and others. #CIOChat-ters echoed Ferro's ambitions and provided their own predictions for the future of multichannel engagement:

But what does all of this mean for customers? As one SearchCIO follower pointed out, improving customer experience should be at the forefront of future multichannel digital engagement strategies:

What makes a digital engagement strategy creative? What do you think the future of multichannel engagement looks like? Sound off in the comments section below.

This tweet recap is part of our #CIOChat on multichannel strategies, hosted by SearchCIO. For further information on our next tweet jam, follow @SearchCIO on Twitter.

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What do you think makes an innovative digital media strategy?
I think it's as simple as anticipating what your customers want, and giving it to them where and how they want it. Doesn't sound innovative, but it's rarer than it should be.