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How to close the information technology talent gap

Does your organization know what to look for in order to hire the right information technology talent? Discuss the IT skills gap in our SearchCIO tweet chat Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. EDT.

Is IT hiring at an inflection point? Certainly, the IT skills sought by CIOs are evolving rapidly to include an emphasis on data analysis, architecture management, security and various development methodologies such as Agile and Scrum. If your organization isn't hiring information technology talent with an eye on these growing demands, you run the risk of a workforce with out-of-date skills -- and an inability to keep pace with the needs of the modern enterprise.

Join SearchCIO on Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. EDT to discuss the hunt for information technology talent and what CIOs can do to make sure they're hiring well -- and keeping themselves hirable. Joining us as our tweet chat expert will be Shawn Banerji, @HuntingCIOs, managing director at executive leadership and search firm Russell Reynolds Associates. Topics we expect to discuss: Technology skills that are at a premium; what enterprises should screen for in the IT hiring process; the biggest challenges organizations face in hiring technology talent and how to address them; how IT can work with other business departments to address the technology talent gap; how a dearth of skills affects various industries and which skills are going out of style; and the competencies IT folks must develop to move up the ranks.

SearchCIO editors will lead the event from the site's Twitter handle, @SearchCIO, joined by other TechTarget editors, writers, experts and followers. Follow the discussion hashtag, #CIOChat, to chime in.


Date: Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Time: 3 p.m. EDT

Host: @SearchCIO

Hashtag: Use and follow #CIOChat (other hashtags include #techtalent, #techskills)

Tweet jam newbies (and #CIOChat vets, too!), please review this list of tips before participating in the tweet jam:

  • To follow the conversation, type "#CIOChat" into Twitter's search bar. From this page, select "All" to view tweets in real time.
  • Your first #CIOChat tweet should be introductory, including your name, title and organization.
  • @SearchCIO will ask a series of questions related to technology talent and hiring starting at 3 p.m. EDT (Q1, Q2, etc.). In your tweeted responses to each question, please preface with A1 (Answer 1), A2 and so on, then remember to include "#CIOChat." Include this hashtag in every tweet during the chat.
  • Please note that Twitter allows only 140 characters per tweet. You are welcome to tweet multiple responses to each question.
  • Throughout the discussion, retweet (RT) and favorite tweets you concur with and reply to those you disagree with.

Please direct questions, RSVPs or other concerns to our editors. Talk to you on Twitter!

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Is your organization having difficulty hiring the right information technology talent?
To close the gap, we have to trust the external experience because there is nothing called Canadian experience in IT.IT is IT in every where in the world.We have to stop hiring cheap employees using the work visa we have thousands on it her without work.allow the other provinces to build its IT and attract people by tax advances and ignore discrimination for age, disability and color. Stop hire the people we trust and hire the people who have the sjkills avoid the HR games that ask people to meet them for their fun