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Information technology skills gap raise concerns for some

In this #CIOChat recap, participants discuss why information technology skills gaps are a concern and how to close those holes.

Jerry Luftman, founder and managing director at the Global Institute for IT Management, is an advocate for closing information technology skills gaps. Luftman and his team offer 32 different executive and industry-specific IT certificates to guide technology-minded individuals in pursuing new IT management strategies, and during SearchCIO's May ITSM-themed #CIOChat, Luftman addressed the technology skills gap, why holes exist and how to remedy related issues.

Are skills gaps growing? Why do they exist?

A 2012 study by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) revealed that 93% of those surveyed (502 business leaders in the U.S. responsible for managing IT staff) feel that an information technology skills gap exists. Fifty-six percent said that they're moderately close, or not even close, to where they want their staff to be in regard to these skills.

Has the skills gap changed since then? Tweet jam participant Andi Mann, SearchCIO senior news writer Nicole Laskowski and others sounded off:

Many agreed that IT skills gaps are a direct result of organizations' effort to move away from siloed IT functions. Participant Brian Fanzo calls this the dotted-line culture:

Breaking down IT silos should be an ongoing effort for enterprise organizations, one that also necessitates frequent education and cross-training, our followers said:

Do people in IT lack the right competencies and skills?

Having only one, siloed individual in a particular knowledge area who "knows it all" is dangerous, and it's clear that many IT pros currently lack the skills needed to keep business moving forward. Tweet jam participants pointed to lack of education, adaptability and troubleshooting abilities as major issues:

How can CIOs and IT leaders remedy this issue?

The lingering question during SearchCIO's #CIOChat was whether these skills gaps could be closed. Will the rapid speed of technology innovation always outpace staffers' ability to learn? Mike Chapple, senior director of IT service delivery at the University of Notre Dame, shared his strategy for closing gaps:

Others agreed that change starts at the top:

SearchCompliance site editor Ben Cole chimed in with a quick reality check:

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