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SearchCIO's top stories of 2013: Big data, cloud and more

SearchCIO readers gobbled up our 2013 coverage of big data, cloud and more. Find out what other hot topics made our list of the top stories of 2013.

SearchCIO spent its 2013 focusing on such technology heavyweights as big data, cloud computing and mobility. Before you sink into hibernation for the rest of the year (curling up in front of the fireplace in your log cabin situated atop a snowy mountain, perhaps?), feast upon SearchCIO's most-read news stories, features, tips, columns, e-zines and slideshows this year, and see which of these top stories of 2013 nabbed the No. 1 spot.

10. Building big data: The basics from Martin Leach

At Biogen Idec Inc., as well as in his previous role as CIO at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Martin Leach knows what it's like to be up to his neck in data. In this SearchCIO Q&A, Leach shared his veteran advice on building a dynamic big data infrastructure, sourcing talent and predicting patterns. This interview is part of the CIO Essential Guide "From data gathering to competitive strategy: The evolution of big data."

9. CIOs lead the cavalry in the big data revolution

Big data experts at the 10th annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in May made one thing clear: Big data is transforming the business. Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business and an MIT professor, went historical, comparing CIOs amid a big data revolution to Louis XVI: "[He] didn't entirely understand he was in the midst of the revolution until he was standing up on the scaffolding of the guillotine."

8. CIO Innovators: Three IT leaders zero in on revenue generation

SearchCIO's award-winning CIO Innovators series included this feature story by Senior Features Writer Karen Goulart, who talked to CIOs Phil Shelley, Rick Roy and Brent Leland about their approaches to fostering innovation and making their respective IT organizations indispensable sources of revenue generation. These three appeared at the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium in Madison, Wis., in March, where another former CIO doled out advice on cybersecurity in the enterprise.

7. Cloud computing: The past, present and future

SearchCIO's CIO Briefings series covers hot topics with news articles, videos, definitions and quizzes. In this CIO Essential Guide, we gathered our best cloud computing information and coverage in order to track its evolution and advise our readers how to best implement and utilize cloud technologies in their organization.

6. What makes bad analytics? A Harvard expert explains

According to Harvard University professor Gary King, big data is not only about the data -- it's about the analytics. SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci attended the Text and Social Analytics Summit in Cambridge, Mass., in June, and in her CIO Matters column from the event, she runs down King's examples of bad analytics and looks at how enterprises can confront them.

5. Advice from a veteran leader on getting ahead in IT

In his 30 years at TDS Telecommunications Corp., CEO Dave Wittwer has learned a thing or two about how to gain competitive advantage in the business and from the IT function. In this feature story, Wittwer provided CIOs with advice on how to communicate better, be flexible with the budget, offer alternatives for accomplishing goals and more.

4. Sports data craze offers valuable advice for the CIO

What's better than a slideshow? A slideshow that pairs IT and sports, of course! SearchCIO Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux attended the popular MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston in March and shared some valuable lessons for CIOs straight from the practitioners -- Nate Silver included -- who are leveraging sports analytics to make better decisions.

3. CIO Decision e-zine: Turn 'dirty data' into business insights

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The June edition of CIO Decisions e-zine featured a cover story by SearchCIO Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski on how Land O'Lakes Inc. capitalizes on big data by transforming its farmers' and customers' "dirty data" into business insights. Also in this issue, we looked at the city of Boston's gamification efforts and why keeping digital data private is a dicey proposition in today's business climate.

2. Cost-benefit analysis templates and examples for CIOs

We hear you, readers: You like our series of free templates for CIOs. These cost-benefit analysis template examples fare especially well in 2013, providing IT executives with advice on keeping their organization's spending under budget and projects on track. Other popular templates this year included technology roadmaps, mobile device policies and IT organizational structure charts.

1. Data discovery tools: CIOs learn from Facebook's success

Our top story of 2013! Until recently, Facebook Inc. relied on a homegrown business intelligence tool, as well as some vendor options, to dig through data -- but that wasn't working for the world's largest social networking platform, which has more than 1 billion active users each month. Find out how Facebook keeps track of all of this information thanks to new data discovery tools.

Happy New Year to all of our readers!

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