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Consistent cybersecurity training a must to meet evolving threats

In this week's Searchlight: bold new threats highlight need for cybersecuity training, why big data requires soft skills, cloud confusion and more.

As if cybercriminals' computer skills didn't make them crafty enough -- taking a page from IT organizations -- some hackers have upped their game by adding business acumen to their resumes. In this week's lead item, cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs sheds light on one of the latest ways hackers are attacking. Got some pesky competition you want to "disrupt"? A distributed denial-of-service attack can be purchased as a service (What chutzpah! ) via secure online payment.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

As Krebs explained in eye-opening detail, paying hackers to carry out dirty deeds isn't entirely new. Such "services" were available in the past, but required some major digging in the Web's darker corners. The difference today is these hired guns are making it easier for customers to find them (and finding them, they are) by working out in the open -- even producing commercials.

It's another stark example of how the old ways of doing cybersecurity -- throw on a patch, check the logs -- no longer cut it. As former White House CIO and security expert Theresa Payton put it in a piece on cybersecurity published on SearchCIO this week, cybersecurity is a team effort that requires CIOs and CISOs to be ever-vigilant about monitoring the evolving threat landscape, sharing that knowledge with everyone from the C-suite on down, and training employees as needed. Cybercriminals so often control the game these days, but making sure your team is privy to their playbook will go a long way toward your defense.

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