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Is collecting data one of CIOs' responsibilities in a social world?

SearchCIO's recent social engagement tweet jam questioned CIOs' responsibilities when it comes to collecting data. Read more in this recap.

CIO responsibilities might as well be written in pencil. The role of the CIO can change rapidly with the expansion of IT department tasks or the introduction of new, breakthrough technologies.

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In SearchCIO's recent social engagement-themed tweet jam, one idea was clear: Incorporating social tools into regular business practices is increasingly vital to organizational success. But left unclear were the CIO's responsibilities for collecting data -- not to mention identifying, analyzing and protecting it -- in this brave new world of social collaboration. During our Twitter discussion, we asked:

Previous tweet jam recaps touched on reinventing the business model, security concerns and the future of "killer applications." When it comes to collecting and protecting data, one tweet jammer suggested it's the CIO's main role in the realm of social:

If social-engagement-minded CIOs are responsible for collecting data, as well as processing and protecting this information, how will their role evolve by 2020?

According to tweet jammers, the chief marketing officer (CMO) could potentially inherent some current CIO responsibilities, like data collection and other data management tasks, by the year 2020. But to prevent the complete dissolution of the CIO role, tweet jam participants made it clear that CIOs must step up to the plate and make their value known to upper management:

Read more about what tweet jam participants had to say on this topic by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for additional recaps from this conversation and others by following SearchCIO on Twitter at @searchCIO.

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