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Securing collaboration efforts requires understanding the human factor

Employees sharing TMI on social collaboration tools is alarming IT leaders. In this recap, tweet jammers discuss efforts to secure collaboration.

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When it comes to securing collaboration efforts in the enterprise, the unpredictable human factor can cause organization frequent security headaches -- especially when employees have a habit of sharing TMI (too much information) with the social world. Proprietary information can include confidential corporate information, location data or personal information -- and whether it's shared intentionally or accidentally, it might compromise a business's brand and professional image.

Securing collaboration on the employee side was a point of discussion in SearchCIO's recent social engagement-themed tweet jam. To kick off the discussion, SearchCIO asked:

Answers ranged, but there was one major theme: TMI, TMI, TMI. Employees using social engagement and collaboration tools typically share too much company information with their followers or community members:

One popular example of human error in social networking has to do with location service Foursquare:

Employees unaware of the dangers of location services can compromise both data and their personal or company-issued devices. In the enterprise, securing collaboration often boils down to an issue of trust:

Some necessary components of securing collaboration efforts include creating social media policies, employee training sessions and the constant monitoring of tools. Understanding the power of social engagement tools, as well as the potential for human error in using these tools, is an essential component to preparing for and avoiding security breaches or thefts within an organization.

Learn more about what SearchCIO tweet jam participants had to say about employees sharing TMI, securing collaboration and other social networking concerns by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for additional tweet jam recaps by following Twitter (@searchCIO) and the Web.

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