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Is the 'killer application' doomed? Tweet jammers talk social tools

Is the newest 'killer application' doomed to fast extinction? In this recap, SearchCIO tweet jam followers talk about the time suck of social tools.

By definition, a "killer application" is an application or program that motivates consumers to buy the system the application runs on because of the app's sheer value and popularity. Nowadays, any application with widespread appeal has the potential to be called a "killer application" -- especially by those looking to make a buck off of it -- but how long will these can't-live-without-'em apps reign supreme?

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In a recent SearchCIO social engagement tweet jam, our @searchcio followers weighed in on the future of email, the time-consuming aspects of social for business engagement, and the likelihood of collaborative tools either becoming killer applications or disappearing into oblivion.

One tweet from @HowardHecht kicked off the killer application conversation:

Before making any predictions, tweet jammers pointed out one of the major flaws in social media time management:

Even with the right tools and time-management skills, some tweet jammers are seeing a social burnout. If the younger generations are moving away from email -- once considered a killer application -- and transferring rapidly from one social application to the next, what does this mean for businesses? According to tweet jam participants, text messaging isn't going anywhere; therefore, cross-device messaging apps like WhatsApp might be the next big thing in social engagement:

The wonderful world of technology and social engagement evolves rapidly, so it's important for CIOs to be one, two or 20 steps ahead of emerging trends. One tweet jam participant warned:

All in all, killer apps might play a role in motivating technology purchases, but CIOs can't be too certain of the future of these apps in an era where IT trends change in the time it takes to type a text. Once one killer social engagement app emerges, consumers are already onto the next big thing -- CIOs beware.

Read more about what SearchCIO tweet jam participants had to say about social media and engagement by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for additional recaps from this conversation and others by following SearchCIO on Twitter at @searchCIO.

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