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Social media, engagement reinventing business model, tweet jammers say

Can social media engagement change the business model? In this SearchCIO tweet jam recap, learn how these tools are reinventing the business.

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Social media and engagement tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yammer and Reddit are valued on a personal level, but are they reinventing business models, too? The widespread embrace of social media is inspiring even enterprise executives to reconsider engagement and collaboration strategies in their organizations.

While companies might not be looking to share videos of duck-hunting shark-cats on vacuums, adopting social media tools in their communication and collaboration efforts could bring value to these engagement-minded enterprises. This month's SearchCIO tweet jam addressed the impact of these new social media and engagement trends on business models across departments. The first question we asked our tweet jam participants specifically dealt with these organizational changes:

A number of conversations spun off. Tweet jammer @AndreaMay1 kicked things off by telling us about her personal social media engagement experience:

Social engagement is beneficial when it comes to building a personal brand, but what about a business persona? Tweet jam participants agreed that the potential to reinvent the business processes is there when it comes to utilizing social media, engagement and collaborative tools; however, companies must understand at what level customers will engage:

While the prospect for reinventing business models exists, social engagement, much like any other aspect of business, requires employee time and corporate money -- two things not found in abundance in many organizations. Does this mean that social collaboration and engagement are tough sells in the enterprise?

For successful social media and engagement adoption in the enterprise, companies must not only invest time and money, but become more open to Agile practices.

Another important component is achieving actual business goals:

To sum up: Social media and engagement are simpler on the personal-branding level than in the enterprise, and business models have some catching up to do. Ideally, enterprise organizations would be able to hop right on the collaboration bandwagon, but fostering engagement is a layered task.

Learn more about what tweet jam participants had to say about social media and engagement by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for additional recaps from this conversation and others by following SearchCIO on Twitter at @searchCIO.

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