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Big data analytics may not provide the answers you really need

In the Searchlight: Don't base big decisions on big data analytics alone; plus project management's big secret and FUN with BYOD.

Sift through the glut or follow your gut? Like so many folks, you're all excited about the answers big data analytics can provide. But should you let those billions of data points be your guide when you've honed a pretty good business instinct over the years? It's tempting for sure, to view your data analytics tools as Magic 8 Balls -- ask them anything and they present the answers; right?

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

Not so fast. Like the Magic 8 Ball, the answer you get via data analysis might not be what you need. Perhaps it's the way you asked the question. Perhaps the data just doesn't contain the type of feedback you really need. The point is, you have to leave room for human judgment. Think of yourself and your colleagues as keepers of big data; you hold a vast and valuable amount of information and experiences. Instinct counts too in big data analytics. Like most things, effective business analytics comes down to finding a balance, which the top item this week's Searchlight explores in greater detail (and no doubt with better analogies).

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One decision that is easy to make is whether to peruse the rest of this week's Searchlight -- with tips for overcoming project management's "dirty little secret," an item on how to have FUN with bring your own device (BYOD), a look into the future of technology and more, All signs point to yes.

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