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Information security breach at 'The New York Times' is one scary story

In this week's Searchlight: a chilling information security breach at 'The New York Times', plus how 'big data' will save us all. Or maybe it won't.

No company -- no person -- is immune. When it comes to information security breaches, maybe it's best (no endorsement implied) to remember the motto of the security company that helped The New York Times get to the bottom of a recent attack: "The go-to people for when (not if) attacks get through." Emphasis on the "when (not if)" part.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

This week's Searchlight starts off with The Times' own article about the breach, a fascinating post mortem detailing a four-month infiltration of reporters' work and home computers as part of a larger campaign by the Chinese government to attack journalists. Sure, this story involves complicated international politics, but it's also a cautionary tale and a must-read on the anatomy of a hacking -- how it was stopped and why you can never, ever let down your guard.

And if that doesn't have you sufficiently shaken, read on and be freaked out by Facebook's new feature. It's not all gloom and doom, however, as we find that "big data" might finally live up to its hype by helping to save the world. Not bad!

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