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Data availability means everything in endless need for information

This week's Searchlight looks at why data availability is as big as 'big data' itself, some gardening tips for the CIO and more.

If data isn't accessible, does it exist? In homage to a passionate advocate for the individual's right of access to information, we start off this week's Searchlight with a meditation on data availability.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

Wherever you stand philosophically on digital information rights, it can't be denied that information is the new life force of the business world. Employees need it, customers expect it and CIOs must strive to provide it. Whatever business you're in these days, data availability is the enabler on which many of your CIO prerogatives depend. Without it, nothing is happening in data analytics, bring your own device, or BYOD, social collaboration, social media -- you name it. A company that fails to strategize around data availability is a company that will fail.

We wrap up this week's roundup with tips for getting the IT organization lean in 2013, and an enterprising if ultimately self-defeating take on outsourcing.

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