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DCIM is 2013's 'It girl,' and other unique technology predictions

Searchlight points to the future and find that DCIM is a rising star in the data center, the next big thing in 'big data' and other technology predictions.

Does anyone here know what day it is? These Tuesday holidays sure make for confusing workweeks. What we do know for sure is that last week, Searchlight presented a year-end list of lists covering the best (and some of "the rest") of 2012 and a prediction or two for the year ahead. Fresh off that happy holiday high, we're excited to say we decided not to toss out the crystal ball with the Christmas tree. That means a few more technology predictions from around the Web about data center infrastructure management (DCIM), social media, "big data" and more, plus the click that (nearly) stole Christmas. Grab the last few sugar cookies, forget about the past and take a gander at what's next.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

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