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The list: Top information technology trends, news and 2013 predictions

This week's Searchlight wraps the year with top information technology trends and news and 2013 predictions in handy list form!

Christmas is now in our past, but we here at Searchlight still feel as though it's the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Because it's prime time for countdowns, best-of's and predictions, and no one loves a list more than we do. Anyone can do a list of the top grossing movies or best songs or coolest video games, but what we have is something truly special to wrap up your 2012: a list of lists! We've saved you the trouble of bouncing around the Web and collected the best batch of bests in information technology trends and news. So before the year's most important countdown begins, strap on your party hat, twirl your noisemaker, recall your auld acquaintance, relive the tech year that was and take a peek into 2013. Fweeeee!

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart
  • They're often the first and often worst line of defense, but that's no reason to have such horrible passwords, folks! If yours is on this list, change it now. We'll wait. (We're looking at you, Ashley.)
  • Apple co-founder (and old-school-Kenny Rogers beard twin) Steve Wozniak looks into 2013 and sees much ado about BYOD and data centers.
  • The start of the new year has long been associated with individuals taking stock of what's not working and making plans for change. That sort of evaluation can be just as helpful at work. Harvard prof Rosabeth Moss Kanter lists nine signs of corporate/team decline to watch for and how to reverse the trend.
  • Forget about ethereal insects and crystalline ice on the open sea. For us, some of the most amazing images of 2012 came from the most unlikely place -- the data center .
  • Check out's own coverage of these topics

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    BYOD policy tailored to user needs

    Data center facility of the future is a hybrid

  • Want to make a bunch of tech geeks angry? Compile a list of the year's "most important gadgets" and watch the comments section explode.
  • We couldn't leave 2012 behind without one last infographic. Check out this colorful gem depicting tech company winners and losers in the year that was.
  • Who needs a list of the year's most viral videos? After all, it was you (and your employees and, OK, us too) whose lunch hours and afternoon doldrums helped launch them into ubiquity. Now the least viral videos -- there's something worth checking out! Happy New Year!

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