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Top 12 technology news articles, tips of 2012

Check out the top 12 technology news articles and tips of 2012 for midmarket CIOs, covering BYOD, leadership, the future of technology and free IT templates.

Have you been following's coverage during the past year? We hope so, as we've examined a wide range of pressing CIO topics in 2012, among them the rise of BYOD, IT consumerization, CIO leadership, the future of technology in 2013 and beyond, millennials in the workforce, password security and more. As leadership strategies shift to keep pace with technological innovation, midmarket CIOs and IT executives have a lot on their plates going into 2013.

As the calendar year winds down, has rounded up (drumroll, please) our top 12 most-visited technology news articles of 2012. Consider it a look back at where we've been, and a guide for getting in gear for the new year and beyond.

12. Millennials 101: Test yourself with our generational diversity quiz

Test your knowledge of these under-30 workers with this quiz, and learn how generational diversity might benefit your IT team. In the past year, has also talked about retaining millennial employees and capitalizing on millennials' talents; we also recorded a podcast about millennials and IT-business alignment.

11. CIO snapshot: Adopting a BYOD policy, one phone at a time

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policymaking has been the talk of the town in IT in 2012 -- especially as millennials toting personal devices enter the workforce. In this piece, the CIO at The Reinvestment Fund (TRF), an investor group focused on neighborhood revitalization, explained how he set a prudent BYOD policy for his increasingly mobile team one phone at a time.

10. Strong passwords are no use against social engineering iHack

After a few major password breaches in 2012, including one at LinkedIn, IT teams are searching for the best solution against hacks. But what does it take to prevent social engineered hacks? Find out in our No. 10 story of 2012.

9. Dropbox hacked: Safe passwords stop hackers in their tracks

As mentioned above, well-publicized hacks were prevalent in 2012, and Dropbox wasn't spared. This column by site editor Wendy Schuchart breaks down the Dropbox hack and advises readers how to change their Dropbox password -- and prepare for the next inevitable attack.

8. Best practices for successful IT project management

What does finished actually mean in the project management sphere? According to IT expert and contributor Jonathan Hassell, there's often no end to IT projects -- rather, it's a gradual process that must be masterminded by a top-flight CIO. Read Hassell's tips for successful IT project management to ease in your teams.

7. The end of offshore outsourcing? CIOs quietly reshoring IT jobs

We've heard a lot about offshoring and outsourcing, but have you heard about a movement toward reshoring IT jobs? There were some stealthy-ish reshoring operations going on in 2012 as CIOs looked to move their IT departments back onshore. Our readers sounded off on reshoring jobs, too. Do you have anything to add?

6. Free proof-of-concept templates for the CIO

Who doesn't like the word "free"? This year, rolled out links to a number of free IT templates available on the Web, including templates for developing a proof of concept to gauge an IT project's feasibility. (And, while we're discussing freebies, don't miss our list of 10 free business training online courses.)

5. Gartner makes predictions on the future of information technology

What is in store for the future of technology? One Gartner analyst provided some oracle-esque foreshadowing to help midmarket CIOs lay out a five-year plan for their IT environments and processes. Also, don't miss our slideshow on future technology trends to guide you in 2013 and beyond!

4. IT consumerization mythbusters: The BYOD policy edition

Who you gonna call? Well, we aren't busting any ghosts here at, but coming in at No. 4 for top technology news articles of 2012 is this piece by IT expert Scott Lowe on BYOD mythbusting. Use his tips to get your mobile device policies in order for the coming year.

3. IT Leadership Awards recognize the midmarket's innovative CIOs

The 2012 IT Leadership Awards were a hit, and we're hoping your as excited for the 2013 awards as we are. Learn what it takes to become a finalist for these coveted midmarket CIO leadership honors, and be sure to check this spring when we start spotlighting the 2013 finalists and winners.

2. Free elevator pitch examples and templates for IT and the business

Have you ever found yourself in a crucial moment when you had to get a point across very quickly to somebody important? Our readers answered with a resounding, "Yes," judging by the fact that our elevator pitch example rundown was the runner-up for's most-visited technology news story of 2012. (It might have also helped that these were free.)

1. Ten free business apps for iPad

We know we're hammering this point home, but it appears our readers like "free." Our most-visited technology news article of 2012 was this slideshow on 10 free business applications for the iPad. Scroll through the apps and let us know if we missed any must-have apps -- or if you have insights into what's going to be hot in 2013.

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