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In creating mobile applications, perfection sometimes beats speed

This week Searchlight considers whether MySpace deserves a third act, and if it's better to be fast or good with mobile applications.

In this season of brotherhood, kindness and endless variations on the Scrooge story, we're reminded of how everyone deserves a second chance. We here at Searchlight, however, wondered this week, what's the general consensus on third chances? When enterprises really started paying attention to social media in a meaningful way, MySpace was already a has-been in its second incarnation. Maybe with some celeb cachet behind it, things will be different (or not). Speaking of second chances, this week's Searchlight also brings up the point that when it comes to getting mobile applications to your customers, there are still times when speed isn't everything -- cough, Apple. Plus, why good business intelligence (BI) training is crucial, and a swell looking infographic that's ultimately unsettling -- bah, humbug!

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

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