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Stat amplifies why CIOs need a social media presence, mobile strategy

In this week's Searchlight, a wild stat shows why CIOs need a social media presence and mobile strategy. Plus, dealing with 'big data.'

At the risk of sounding like a fuddy-duddy (which automatically happens when one uses that phrase), people are spending way too much time on their "devices." The first item in this week's Searchlight proves it with some staggering stats. And, since it seems unlikely we'll revert to the days of salons -- or even the days of meals during which cell phones don't sit alongside the salad fork -- CIOs need to be taking such numbers seriously. Lacking a strong social presence and mobile strategy is like refusing to be listed in the phone book have a website.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

For more on the importance of a social media presence and all things mobile -- including the birthday of a tech's simplest yet most powerful innovations, as well as some tips for staying afloat in seas of "big data" -- keep reading. (And get off our lawn!)

  • How did you spend your time last July? For a lot -- and we do mean a lot -- of folks, the answers can be found on Facebook timelines and Pinterest boards. If these stats don't drive home the importance of a social media presence and a mobile strategy, nothing will.
  • OMG! HBD, SMS!!! 20? UR oldddd!!! JK! <3! Yup, and it's the No. 1 form of communication in the world.
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  • If we had a nickel for every time a technology was "about to change everything" but kinda didn't, we'd be on an island and you'd be focused on work right now. Yet jaded as we are, this item on the latest audio recognition technology for mobile devices really had our ear.
  • Surf's up! Here's a look at how CIOs can survive the digital economy by embracing chaos and rising with the big data wave.
  • While we struggle to keep from making yet another "30-day trial" joke, witness the latest unmitigated weirdness in the John McAfee story. Dude!

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