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Privacy policy stuffed into icons is something to be thankful for

In this holiday Searchlight, we're thankful for folks creating icons to explain privacy policy, we get a taste of innovation and more.

Everybody knows the side dishes are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. A little mashed potatoes, some stuffing, a scoop of cranberry sauce, those green beans with the crunchy onion stuff on top and whatever is in that dish over there -- we don't care what it is, just pass it over here. For on what other day can you get away with dining on such disparate digestive delights and feel neither guilty nor gluttonous but good?

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

We here at Searchlight intend to keep that good feeling going this week by filling your plate with a virtual smorgasbord of items from around the Web: a slice of innovation advice , a dollop of privacy policy pointers, something to be thankful for and more. Before you gobble up all the leftovers and wrestle someone's grandmother for the last flat-screen TV, put on your comfy pants and enjoy what we've served up in the Searchlight.

  • Who among us hasn't had an email mishap and wished for an "unsend" button? Just be thankful you weren't this guy.
  • If you want to know why so many smart, talented people are blind to innovation, try asking the guy in the gorilla suit.
  • Truly, the seeds of innovation are everywhere, which is why in the future new cell phones could come with wooly socks, a knit hat and a doorknob.
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  • Credit-fueled shopping sprees, texting at all hours, gambling: What's gotten into that -- mobile device? (Hint: It's something the user willingly downloaded.)
  • Ever wish you could get someone else to give you the highlights of those impenetrable website privacy policies? A group of lawyers and coders is actually trying. And if that isn't swell enough, they're distilling those highlights into handy icons.

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