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Scandal serves as reminder of importance of data security

This week, Searchlight finds a teachable moment about data security in the CIA-FBI scandal; plus, when gluttony is good for CIOs.

We know some folks already feel oversaturated with media coverage of the whole CIA-FBI scandal, especially as they recover from election fatigue. But we here at Searchlight hate to let a teachable moment pass by. So, here it is: Be sure to make data security a real priority! Yes, that's what the scandal makes us think about -- did you think we were going to get into all that morality and politics stuff? Who has time for that when someone could be hacking into your network or reading your email this very minute?

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

And speaking of people using technology all wrong, we're thrilled to share a piece that puts the onus on the chief marketing officer when it comes to the ever-important CMO-CIO relationship. For all this and more (but nothing at all about shirtless FBI agents), read on.

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