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By a landslide, data mining and STEM are big winners on Election Day

They didn't robocall you during dinner, yet as this week's Searchlight shows, data mining and STEM won big this election.

No matter your political affiliation, it's hard not to be excited about the biggest winner of Tuesday's election...

-- STEM! From get-out-the-vote efforts to projected outcomes, this election really belonged to science, technology, engineering and math. As it turns out, all those '80s movies were right -- nerds rule. Or at least they help determine who will rule.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

If ever a CIO needed a compelling case to reference for engaging in data analysis or for the value of adding a data scientist to the organization, this was it. As well as voters might have felt they knew Gov. Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama, that knowledge doesn't hold a candle to how well the candidates "knew" them. Voters who downloaded Facebook apps to show their "like" for Mitt or Barack may as well have shared their personal address book and a detailed account of their daily routines. And as this week's Searchlight shows, campaign-related data mining went even deeper than that. Maybe they should swap out the term "stumping" for "spelunking."

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  • A presidential candidate can shake only so many hands, kiss only so many babies and choke down only so much diner pie in an effort to get to know his constituents. Lucky for them, there was an app for that.
  • What does the fact that a particular demographic of women love George Clooney have to do with President Obama's re-election? Put on your data mining helmet and enter "the cave" to find out.
  • Is data analysis killing political punditry on TV news? It's hard to argue with these results; and knowing how much pundits love to argue, well, you do the math.
  • Is a win for Obama a win for the technology world? Here's a quick look at the locus of POTUS on six tech topics.
  • Apparently literal landslides can predict the political kind. Thanks, STEM!
  • And finally, Election Day also marked a week since Hurricane Sandy laid a swath of destruction across the Northeast. As recovery efforts continue, Forbes contributor Dan Simon reflects on the human side of business continuity.

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