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Scare up a mobility strategy now, before sales start to rot

This week's Searchlight treats you to tales of the importance of a mobility strategy, why no one can hide from 'big data,' and more.

Halloween is lurking around the corner, and the tech world, right on cue, is making that impossible to forget. First, there's the attack of the killer hardware (at least, the makers hope their hardware will kill).The throng includes the iPad Mini, iPad 4, Microsoft Surface, a new (even cheaper) Google Chromebook and, for good measure, a gaggle of e-readers enhanced for the holidays.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

The sheer volume and bombast is enough to make you scream. Ahhh, but this week's Searchlight peers beyond the hardware headlines into the Web's darker corners, scaring up stories about making "big data" more accessible (shiver), the importance of a mobility strategy and more.

  • If the opening line of New York Times' tech scribe Quentin Hardy isn't scary enough -- "Big Data is coming for you!" (OK, we added the exclamation point) -- just continue reading. Spoiler alert: New analysis tools could make it much easier for the business to buy in without IT's help.
  • Submitted for your approval, we're pretty sure we've entered the tech Twilight Zone. From Buzzfeed, the zombie edition, check out these digital age Dr. Frankensteins who are resurrecting the very businesses they killed. Words With Friends, the board game? Sounds eerily familiar.
  • It's scary how many consumers give up on completing purchases via mobile devices. But why does it happen? Apparently, it's because no company (Facebook comes closest) has crafted a mobility strategy that makes it easy for the gazillions of device-carrying consumers to buy stuff.

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  • Does the very mention of "business process improvement" send chills down your spine? Is trying to bring your people together about as easy as wrangling a herd of hungry zombies? Take heart! (Not literally, of course.) You certainly are not alone. We know, because we stumbled into this lively and thoughtful chat about process improvement that's worth checking out.
  • The phrase "first-world problems" comes to mind when we hear folks kvetch about watching their iPad become yesterday's news with the impending release of the iPad Mini and iPad 4. All the same, we direct you to these tips to help you handle the horrors of having an obsolete Apple product.

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