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Will CIOs lead or lag in the age of digital disruption?

From Forrester's Digital Disruption Forum, Searchlight looks at disruptive tech news, from Microsoft's tablet launch to 'Newsweek' stopping the presses.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- By the time you finish reading this sentence, your competition will have come up with 100 innovative ideas, claimed your customers as their own and drunk your milkshake. OK, there may not be blood, but by golly, it's not so far from the truth, thanks to the reality of digital disruption.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart

Forgive our alarmist tone. This week's Searchlight is coming to you from Forrester Research Inc.'s Digital Disruption Forum in Orlando, Fla., where we've heard one example after another about the breakneck pace of innovation, the shifting playing fields, and how CIOs need to be involved or be left behind. D'oh! You probably knew Nike is now in the software business with its fitness apps and sensors. But did you know Monsanto is as well? The controversial agribiz is hoping to put itself at farmers' fingertips by outfitting tractors with tech that tells them what to sow when. Whoa Nelly!

As Forrester analyst and author of forthcoming tome The Disruptor's Handbook, James McQuivey put it: Digital disruption is a discipline, not a trend, and there is no product on the planet that can't be digitized. So, if you're thinking of riding this one out to see where it goes, you'll be standing in a dust cloud.

Just this week, two tales of major digital disruptions thrust themselves into the Searchlight -- the growing Apple-esque fervor around the pending release of Microsoft's Surface tablet, and Newsweek's announcement that it will switch to a digital-only format. It's all happening so fast, and you can read more about it soon on

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