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Lagging public cloud use in Europe rains on everyone's parade

This week the Searchlight aims its beam upward for a look at public cloud use from a variety of angles and the latest on Congress v. data brokers.

Maybe it's the influence of the seemingly endless onslaught of overcast days we've experienced here in the Boston area, but it would appear this week's Searchlight is a little cloud-heavy. To wit, we've found ourselves offering up items on Europe's lagging public cloud use, a look at whether it's better to align with David or Goliath when it comes to cloud strategy, and a seasonally appropriate infographic on open source cloud. Lest things get too gray, we also have a bit on the continuing congressional quest to shine some light on the sometimes shady world of data brokering.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart
  • Legal jurisdiction and data security across borders and geographies are two of several issues that have put Europe three to five years behind the U.S. in the use of public cloud. In a global economy, Europe's cloud issues are the cloud issues of all international companies. But the situation isn't all doom and gloom; new research from IDC isolates the EU's key cloud obstacles and offers potential solutions.
  • Does having a "single throat to choke" by sticking with one big-name vendor like Oracle for all your cloud computing needs trump working with a variety of potentially more innovative startups such as Box? The New York Times' Quentin Hardy opines that sometimes comfort is more alluring than adventure. The devil you know…

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  • "Baseless fishing expedition" or consumer protection crusade? Some data brokers say it's the former, but Sen. John D. Rockerfeller IV (D-W.Va.) obviously believes it's the latter, as he opened the year's second congressional inquiry into the industry practices of companies that deal in data mining.
  • We've banged this drum before, but it's good to hear someone else keeping the beat. Savvy HR folks who want to do well by their companies ought to make nice with the CIO.
  • Finally, as longtime Searchlight readers know, we heart infographics. This week we're especially hearting this election season-themed rendering of The State of the Open Source Cloud.

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