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'Big data' analytics brings home the bacon (and makes it sizzle)

This week, Searchlight brings a bounty of bits on "big data" analytics, bulging budgets and blocking blowhard buddies.

Each week, we at Searchlight scour the Web from A to Z looking for interesting tidbits you may have missed. Forgive us then, if it seems we got hung up at the start of the alphabet. Bloated budgets, bloviating buddies and BIG "big data" -- this week's Searchlight is apparently brought to you by the letter B. Our beacon boldly brings your attention to a big data project of historic proportions (no, really, its purpose is to contain all of recorded history); what big data analytics nerds and early '90s Patrick Swayze have in common; how to keep friends and not be influenced by people, and an eye-pleasing look at the challenges of being a CIO in 2012.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart
  • Feel like re-watching that Frontline from June 21, 2010 -- or for that matter, all the news that's fit to produce? Now you can, thanks to an ambitious project brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Archive that shows just how big big data can get.
  • For those private-sector CIOs beleaguered by budget woes, this shot of schadenfreude might ease your pain. When announcing new federal legislation related to CIO budget authority this week, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) also noted that failure rates, cost overruns, and maintaining deficient and old IT resources currently costs the government about $20 billion a year.
  • Is that some big data analytics in your pocket or -- wait, let's try that again. "Data hacker, analyst, communicator and trusted adviser" are just a few attributes that make "data scientist" the sexiest profession of the 21st century in the eyes of the Harvard Business Review.

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  • CIOs, would you like to see everything you deal with (big data analytics, budgets, bring your own device) summed up in a lovely infographic? You'll find it here on this site dedicated to lovely infographics. At least your problems are nice to look at.
  • Does the incessant political bleating emanating from your Facebook page tempt you to institute a no-holds-barred mass unfriending? There is another way. Lifehacker shares some timely tips for friendship-saving filtering. (It works for other things, too.)

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