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Put down that PowerPoint, level up security training with gamification

Data security lessons putting folks to sleep? Gamification romps to the rescue -- HIPAA heroes in its wake! This and more in the Searchlight.

Karen GoulartWith all the day-to-day stress of keeping on top of new technology and figuring out how to deal with it, CIOs might lose sight of how cool it is to be in this line of work.  From gadgetry to social media, IT may be a pain to wrangle, but you've got to admit the innovative tweaks and twists make it an exciting place to be. This week’s Searchlight points its mighty beam upon an innovative use of Facebook some folks couldn't believe they didn't see coming, a truly useful use case for gamification, and why the Apple iPhone 5 announcement ought to have left us all enchanted.

  • Information security can be fun! Or at least not incredibly tedious. The gamification of HIPAA training may not be the next Call of Duty, but it probably beats yet another PowerPoint presentation.
  • Chances are human resources won't find your next enterprise architect this way, but this story prompts us to imagine where an innovative use of Facebook could lead social media in years to come.
  • Not blown away by the Apple iPhone 5 announcement? This tech writer thinks you should have been amazed and has a (perhaps too) well-thought-out argument on why it was pure magic.
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  • How big will big data get? Well, 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. When your brain finishes wrapping itself around that insane statistic, check out more mind-blowing information about data in this high-level analysis.
  • Finally, if you thought all that stuff about the iPhone 5 was the biggest Apple announcement of the week, then you haven't seen this video. We hope it catches on.

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