News Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates. 2013 IT Leadership Awards: Nominations sought's 2013 IT Leadership Awards are underway! Enter your CIO/IT exec who demonstrates technology innovation and business acumen.

We're looking to spotlight exceptional midmarket CIOs and IT executives in our 2013 IT Leadership Awards!

Our 2013 IT Leadership Awards recognize the contributions and innovations of IT executives within midmarket companies who make strides in the areas of cultural innovation, technological advancement, business value, green IT, IT engagement and customer experience.

Do you know a CIO or other senior IT executive who:

  • Leverages technology in new and exciting ways?
  • Has crafted a solid culture of innovation to build new streams of revenue?
  • Creatively engages the business ?

You can submit your nomination for the 2013 IT Leadership Awards here. Finalists and winners will be announced in early 2013 in the following categories:

  • Cultural Innovation: Given to a leader who has made a positive impact on the company and/or industry's culture, who has exhibited exceptional citizenship and corporate leadership, and who has made a significant contribution to the company or serves as an industry role model.
  • Technological Advancement: Given to a leader whose focus on emerging technologies has had a significant positive impact on the organization.
  • Business Value: Given to a leader whose initiative promoted business goals and increased revenue.
  • Green IT: Given to a leader whose initiative promoted ecological and sustainable IT.
  • IT Engagement: Given to a leader who has encouraged optimal relationships between IT and a majority of the organization, including those units considered most crucial to the business.
  • Customer Experience: Given to a leader who has made strides in building customer relationships and enhancing the experience of the external customer.
  • Midmarket IT Leader of the Year: Given to a leader whose efforts signified an achievement on many levels, including several if not all of the other categories, and has made a substantial impact to a business or industry.

To be chosen, nominees must demonstrate that they are leading the way in both information technology initiatives and business acumen within their organizations.

What's in it for you?

The 2013 IT Leadership Awards recognize individuals as well as their companies or organizations. The winners of each award will each receive a $150 gift card and an engraved glass trophy. The recipient of the Midmarket IT Leader of the Year Award will receive a new iPad. Notable IT leaders will receive a certificate honoring their contributions, as well as VIP invitations to IT insider networking and leadership events throughout the country.  We'll also publish CIO profiles and video podcasts featuring winners and recognized leaders.

Last year's IT awards nominees and winners

Slideshow: 2012 IT Leadership Award Winners

Read about all of last year's nominees and winners

And not only that -- the IT professional you nominated wins a CIO and IT Leader of 2013 Award, you'll receive you a $25 gift card.

Submission deadline for the 2013 IT Leadership Awards

The nomination period has closed and we are now reviewing entries. We'll announce the finalists in April.

How we use your information

The information you provide will be used during our judging process. Our editors will confirm the information for all award nominees. Application information will be used for editorial purposes only, and your contact information will never be shared or sold.  Do you have information about your nominee that you would like us to consider while judging, but the information is proprietary and should not be published? Just note that in the text box provided within the application.

Judging process

Each application will be read by three members of the 2013 IT Leadership Awards judging panel, as well as by editors. Our three judges will rate each validated application and apply a score based on a scale of 1 to 10. They will award prizes for each of the six categories as well as for the  Midmarket IT Leader of the Year. All scores will remain confidential and will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with individual applicants. Applications will be confirmed with vetted nominees. At that time, they will have the opportunity to add or correct information to their nominations before their applications proceed to the judging round.

How to write a winning application

We want to know all of the ways your 2013 IT Leadership Awards nominee is a cut above the rest in the fields of IT leadership, creativity, working with vital business teams, supporting business goals and objectives, and promoting an ecologically sound initiative. And we love numbers! The more specific you make the information you provide, including the numbers and data that measures the outcome of a particular problem or solution, the more your nomination will catch the eyes of our panel of judges.  Please note that nominated entries should detail the CIO's or IT leader's work that started, was completed or has been ongoing in 2012. Projects or initiatives that were completed before 2012 will not be considered.


The IT Leadership Awards recognize individuals in companies that comprise between 100 and 1000 employees. Nominees who are part of companies with more than 1,000 employees might be eligible for our Enterprise IT Leadership Awards but will be excluded from the IT Leadership Awards. Additionally, the IT Leadership Awards exclude those IT professionals who are part of a technology provider or vendor organization.

One nomination per company will be considered by our panel. Nominators may submit only one entry.

Submit your 2013 IT Leadership Awards nominations here!

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