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As summer ends, time to dust off the BYOD policy

This week we point the Searchlight on why you might need to update your BYOD policy and another argument for focusing on mobile app development.

Alas, another holiday weekend is upon us. We'd be a little happier about this if it weren't also what we've all come to agree is the unofficial end of summer. All the same, we're happy for the opportunity to spend one more (sanctioned) lazy afternoon in the hammock before everyone is back to business as usual. We've loaded up this week's Searchlight with just enough interesting tidbits from around the Web to stimulate your brain before the gentle swinging motion lulls you to sleep, including: the latest reason you may need to update your BYOD policy, further proof you need solid mobile app development and why you may want to hang on to that old data center.

Karen GoulartKaren Goulart
  • How convenient that Amazon would happen to sell out of its Kindle Fire just a week before a new device is announced. While you're getting over that stunning coincidence, it might be wise to break out the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy -- rumor has it it's going to be an iPad-sized tablet.
  • The Apple-Samsung verdict was seen by some as a great motivation for innovation. Sounds good, but does the market have an appetite for things that don't taste like Apple?
  • Need further proof of the importance of having top-notch mobile app development? A new study, backed by Google, shows consumers now tend to continue the same interaction from one device to another, and don't expect to miss a beat.
  • From "Antiques Roadshow" to "American Pickers" it seems there's a love -- and a market -- for just about any old thing. It's easy to have a fondness for vintage cars or vintage clothing, but is there room in your nostalgic heart for a vintage data center?
  • Upping his social media coolness cred, President Obama took to Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) this week, on topics ranging from policy to beer. Some saw his responses as milquetoast, but if the medium is the message, what he said was kinda beside the point. Time to up your game beyond writing your own tweets , Gov. Romney.
  • Finally, as you unwind this holiday weekend, maybe spending time with family and friends, you may be reminded of the things you really want to focus on in life. It turns out there is, of course, an app for that. We just wonder what happens if one of your desired changes is "spend less time playing with smartphone."

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