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Free PICK chart templates: Organize ideas for IT and the business

Use these free PICK chart templates as a resource to help IT and the business organize ideas and prioritize IT projects.

A PICK chart, or a Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill chart, is a visual tool used to organize ideas based on their payoff and ease of execution. Although PICK charts are often associated with the Six Sigma management philosophy, Lockheed Martin originally developed them for lean production.

The chart is typically set up as a large grid that's two squares high and two squares across, with each quadrant labeled for a word in the PICK acronym. When using a PICK chart in organizational brainstorming sessions, ideas are assigned to the most appropriate square, making it easy to identify which initiatives should be prioritized. In a group setting, PICK charts help companies organize ideas, focus discussion and reach a general consensus.

We have compiled a sampling of free PICK chart templates available on the Web to help you in your IT prioritization efforts.

SOURCE: Vertex42
OFFERING: This sample PICK chart contains the traditional four quadrants and is ready to be filled with your organization's ideas.

SOURCE: Bright Hub Project Management
OFFERING: This easy-to-read, color-coded PICK chart template can be used as-is or altered to fit the specific needs of your project.

SOURCE: Bright Hub Project Management
OFFERING: Learn to make your own PICK chart in Excel with this easy-to-follow guide.

Let us know what PICK chart templates work for you; email [email protected].

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