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2010 year in review in IT: Top CIO leadership and technology stories

Join for our 2010 year in review, containing 10 top CIO leadership and technology stories that will help guide your enterprise's IT strategy in 2011.

This past year has witnessed a lot of change in IT policy, strategy and management practices -- as well as the continual stretching of still-too-meager IT budgets.

In 2010, visitors to our site gravitated to our coverage of IT salaries, agile project management strategies, cloud computing and business intelligence. You also sought out trends in IT innovation, as evidenced by your interest in emerging technologies, transformation in IT shops and new ways of calculating the ROI of IT projects.

Did you miss any of this coverage? Fear not: For your holiday reading pleasure, the editors at have put together a 2010 year in review, containing 10 of the site's most popular stories from the past 12 months.

1. 2010 CIO and IT salaries and career survey: Read our special report's annual IT salary and careers survey indicated that IT execs expected pay increases in 2010, even though pessimism and tactical concerns lingered. Read the stories here.

2. Gartner rates the Big Four business intelligence vendors
Gartner Inc. rates IBM's, Microsoft's, Oracle's and SAP's capabilities as business intelligence vendors, from BI platform functions to strategy.

3. Agile project management, from agile to waterfall
A seasoned agile project manager shares an insider's view of agile definitions, lingo and frameworks, as well as the mind-set needed to kick-start agile project management.

4. Gartner Business Intelligence Summit: New tech vs. old-school strategy
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit attendees are focused on establishing a BI strategy, recouping investments in existing BI tools and looking into emerging technologies.

5. A CIO's tough-love approach to IT transformation
For Boston Scientific's CIO, the first step in transforming IT and making the department into a business partner was to tell his managers they weren't as good as they thought they were.

6. Balanced scorecard founder on the business value of IT
Balanced scorecard framework co-developer Robert Kaplan discusses IT strategy and the ways CIOs can demonstrate the business value of IT.

7. Cloud computing management guide for enterprise CIOs
CIOs are drafting cloud computing management strategies, as their organizations look to the cloud for scalability, affordability and greater computing ability. Learn more in this guide.

8. IT business continuity, disaster recovery strategy guide for CIOs
IT business continuity planning and disaster recovery strategies remain big on enterprise CIO agendas. In this guide, learn about BC planning and DR technology solutions.

9. Calculating ROI on IT projects is useful but not sufficient
Calculating ROI on IT projects is necessary and useful, but ROI is only as good as the assumptions that go into it -- including a company's track record on project delivery.

10. The fundamentals of launching an IT service catalog
The IT service catalog is a linchpin of IT Service Management, but is hard to create and manage. Here an expert advises where to begin, what to avoid and why CIOs should make a catalog a priority.

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