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A guide to scorecards and information dashboard design

Experts share their information dashboard design tips and scorecard template how-tos in this guide of real-world dashboard and scorecard development dos and don'ts.

The words dashboards and scorecards are often used interchangeably to describe a user interface that provides critical information to an individual or group of users. The key to information dashboard design is keeping things simple, logically and visually. The process of gathering information from an ERP system, Excel spreadsheets or a SQL Server database is hidden from the user, with the information presented in an easily digestible format that caters to specific data needs.

In this guide, we have gathered multiple step-by-step scorecard template and dashboard examples, as well as key performance indicator templates and corporate performance management software options for the midmarket. You will also see IT executives' real-life dashboard design examples, including those that won't pass muster with users.

OFFERING: In this podcast, Shadan Malik, CEO of iDashboards, answers dashboard design questions, including:

  • What are the key features of an effective dashboard?
  • What are the most commonly used -- and useful -- metrics you see displayed in dashboards?
  • What do you feel are the key points that an executive or organization should consider prior to choosing any dashboard application?

OFFERING: Experts share real-world examples of dashboard and scorecard templates.
OFFERING: Gearing up for a dashboard project? It could be dangerous. Let these CIOs guide you down the right path.

OFFERING: For every dashboard that effectively displays pertinent business information, there's another that's simply a set of pretty graphics that aren't used for business decisions. Effective dashboard design will differentiate the winners from the losers. Here are 10 key elements to designing effective dashboard applications.

OFFERING: Corporate performance management can elevate your business intelligence strategy beyond mere dashboards. Find out about midmarket corporate performance management software options, including the scorecard and dashboard technology baked into Microsoft business intelligence software, and how you can start building an effective corporate performance management strategy.

OFFERING: Key performance indicators are the metric building blocks behind dashboard design. In this excerpt from Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing and Using Winning KPIs, learn more about reporting performance measures to upper management on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, including the benefits of key performance indicator reports. Additional excerpts from this book include performance reporting measure design templates and 12 KPI scorecard and dashboard examples.

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