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ITIL best practices for small to midsized organizations

ITIL methodologies can bolster IT service delivery and operations, but they can also be a challenge. Learn how to tackle the framework with our roundup of ITIL best practices.

Understanding and utilizing IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices can improve IT operations and service delivery -- but for many small to midsized shops, it's not a task approached lightly. Smaller IT organizations with fewer resources can struggle with the complexity and quantity of the information included in the extensive library, so ITIL is being used in chunks in some cases, where applicable.

If your organization has struggled with ITIL, take some time to review our tips for getting started with, improving and adopting ITIL best practices.

 How midsized organizations are adopting, adapting ITIL best practices
[Kristen Caretta, Site Editor]
Midsized organizations are trending toward picking and choosing the ITIL best practices that fit their needs. While this may save them time, what's it costing them?

 SMBs building IT service catalogs on their own terms
[Christina Torode, News Director]
Small and medium-sized business are choosing their own IT service catalog building blocks as ITIL proves too resource intensive.

 Don't skip ITIL Service Design: Questions, checklists to get started
[Hank Marquis, Contributor]
ITIL Service Design sits between strategy and implementation -- and is often skipped by midmarket companies. Learn which questions and checklists can keep Service Design simple.

 How IT gap analysis can be the first step to ITIL success
[Hank Marquis, Contributor]
Performing an IT gap analysis can help your IT shop pinpoint gaps in its service delivery as a starting point in using the ITIL framework. Learn the eight questions to ask.

 Maturing an ITIL strategy beyond incident, problem, change management
[Kristen Caretta, Site Editor]
Some ITIL implementations stall once IT gets incident, problem and change management under control. Here's what ITIL practitioners advise to keep driving benefits and maturity.

 Complementing your ITIL framework with other process methodologies
[Karen Guglielmo, Executive Editor]
ITIL can be more effective when used with other process methodologies, like Six Sigma, project and portfolio management and ISO 20000. Learn how to leverage mixed process methodologies.

 Effective ITIL project leadership: Plan-Do-Check-Act
[Peter Doherty, Contributor]
Successful ITIL project leaders are using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to ensure their teams stay motivated, follow the same processes and contribute innovative ideas.

 FAQ: Understanding the ITIL framework
[ Staff]
The ITIL framework is a globally accepted standard for improving IT service quality. This FAQ reviews the ITIL definition, training options and costs, as well as ITIL-compatible tools.

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